Legal Masterminds


Every ambitious attorney needs one

Let’s be honest. You’re really good at what you do. 

You're a boss and a badass. 

And you're ready to take it to the next level. 

Whether you want a bigger book of business, a seat at the table, a promotion, or to be a better leader, you can't do it alone.

The fastest way to rise is to surround yourself with ambitious attorneys who see your potenial (even when you don't), connect you with the right people and resources, and challenge you to be the best version of yourself.

Imagine not knowing any of the questions but getting all of the answers.

That's what a mastermind is all about.

It's like having your own personal "board of advisors" at your fingertips.

While masterminds have been the secret weapon of powerful entreprenuers and corporate executives for years, most lawyers have never heard of them.

Until now...


When you say YES to a legal mastermind, everything will change (for the better). 

You gain instant access to a high-achieving group with resources and wisdom and a "master mind" that will help you accelerate your success.

Questions answered, strategies planned, problems solved, and issues resolved through the collective thinking of smart, ambitious attorneys like you!  

There's no room for playing small, making excuses, or putting yourself last. 

When you commit to showing up for yourself and the group, don't be surprised if you: 

  • Gain clarity as to what you want and how to achieve it
  • Make big decisions that radically shift the trajectory of your career
  • Get new clients and actually enjoy business development  
  • Raise your hand and go after that big opportunity 
  • Feel more energized and enjoy the practice of law again

Sound like exactly what you need?


After six months of your bi-monthly "board of advisors" meetings... 

  • you will have formed relationships with like-minded attorneys from across the country that will last a lifetime
  • you will have reached goals and made career decisions that seem unimaginable today
  • you will wonder how you ever lived without a mastermind before

In fact, if you're like 2/3 of our prior mastermind participants, you'll say YES to another round because they're so powerful! 

Ready to experience a mastermind for yourself?


To ensure diverse backgrounds, practice areas, and locations, we carefully curate each mastermind group.  

If you think you'd be a great candidate, we'd love to hear from you -- fill out your interest form today! 

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Heather Hubbard is a former partner and practice group leader of an AmLaw 200 firm.  

During her legal career, Heather was honored by Best Lawyers in America (Patent and Intellectual Property Litigation, Copyrights, Trademarks), SuperLawyers, Benchmark Litigation, and Managing IP Stars. She received the ABA Entertainment Law Initiative Award and was named one of Nashville’s 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal.  

A Fellow in Tennessee Leadership Law and the Leadership Council on Legal Diversity, she now enjoys being on the other side of the podium presenting to groups such as LCLD, the ABA Leadership Academy, Fortune 500 companies, AmLaw 100 firms, and state and local bar associations. 

Strategist & Coach

In 2014, Heather decided to leave the full-time practice of law to establish her own coaching and consulting company. Heather provides personalized solutions for attorneys seeking more success and satisfaction in their legal careers.  

Combining her legal and management background with her innate ability to relate to others in an authentic and approachable way, she is respected and well-liked.  

Her weekly podcast, Hustle & Flow with Heather Hubbard, was recently named a Top 25 podcast by the ABA Journal.  

Offering real talk and practical solutions, Heather is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes stifling legal industry.